Want to control what your child does on your iDevice?

August 31, 2015

Need help controlling the apps your child uses, limiting the amount of time they spend on an iDevice, preventing them from deleting your apps or sending random emails … Guided Access for Apple devices can help.


Our little girl is at the age where she wants to investigate everything we use but we know how much trouble she could cause if she is allowed to be let loose on an iDevice. Luckily we are able to utilize "Guided Access" so we can still expose her to great educational apps without risking her leaving the app and go exploring elsewhere on the iDevice...


Enabling Guided Access can be achieved quite easily by following the steps below. First step is to enable Guided Access on your device:


1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access

2. Turn on Guided Access

3. Within Passcode Settings it might be beneficial to select a password. This password stops them from exiting Guided Access without first entering the password.


Next you will need to turn on Guided Access prior to handing your device over to your child.


1. Go to the application you want your child to have access to (You must be in an application for Guided Access to work)

2. Triple press the home button (round button at the bottom of your screen)

3. View the Guide Access options:

  • Time Limit: You can put a timer on that will stop all access to the app after the time has expired.

  • Hardware Buttons: Want to stop any changes to volume? Disable the volume controls so your child doesn't turn up the volume within the app.

  • Touch access: Want your child to just watch the app but not select any options in the app? This option is great if you want them to watch a specific movie in Netflix but you don't want them to change the movie to another one.

  • Disable specific areas of the screen: This is a more advanced option that allows you to disable specific parts of the screen from being touched.

4. Press Start and you are in guided access. Your child will now not be able to exit the app until Guided access is stopped. 

NOTE: If you don't have a device with a finger printer read (Touch ID) don't forget your password as you will need it to turn off Guided Access.

5. Let your child go wild!

6. To exit Guided Access, triple press the home button, enter your password and your device will be return to full usage.  

7. Press End to exit Guided Access



Remember to get a protective cover in case your child happens to throw your device around!





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